Local Coordinators: Role and Terms of Reference

Terms of Reference

AskAway Local Coordinators:

  • Act as a contact at their institution for the AskAway service
  • Advise and assist BC ELN in the coordination of service staffing, training and marketing
  • Advise and assist in the establishment and maintenance of chat reference policies and procedures
  • Act as a LibraryH3lp technical support person at their institution for AskAway


Local Coordinators are the partner library staff primarily responsible for reference and/or information services at their institution. At least one staff member from each partner library is required to represent their library on the team. To ensure communications continuity, we recommend adding an alternate contact. Additional staff may participate at the discretion of individual partners.

No matter how many staff members participate, each partner library will have one vote in group decision-making.

Email List

The primary vehicle for communication among AskAway Local Coordinators is the coordinators email list.

All participants in the list may post to it. Messages sent to the list address coordinators@askaway.org by team members will be distributed to all participants.

Mailing list membership is tied to user accounts on the AskAway website. Any local coordinator with an account can create an account for another local coordinator. To do so, use the "Add new service provider" link in your shortcuts. 

To unsubscribe, a user can edit their user profile by logging in and clicking the "edit" tab. Mailing list delivery may be suspended temporarily. If a user is removed from a role, they are automatically unsubscribed from related mailing lists. If their account is cancelled, they are unsubscribed from all mailing lists.


Local coordinators meet approximately once or twice a year to discuss AskAway, share ideas, raise issues, and let everyone know what is happening at their institutions. Meetings are held virtually.

With the support of the AskAway Admin Centre, one local coordinator will act as meeting Facilitator. This position can be held for one year.