Usage Statistics and Session Data

Usage Statistics show how many AskAway sessions are requested by students from your institution. Reports can be generated according to the timeframe and queues (ie. institutional queue and/or proactive chat) of your choosing.

Session Data gives detailed information about each question. Some examples of information available include date and time the chat arrived, wait time, session duration, and tags applied by service providers. 

Step-by-step instructions for retrieving usage statistics and session data for your library are available through the Local Coordinator FAQs:

Statistics provided by the AskAway Admin Centre include:

Note: Statistics and session data spreadsheets by month, term, or fiscal year up to April 2022 are still accessible via the AskAway Admin Centre. Please contact the Admin Centre about the statistics you are interested in.

The AskAway Admin Centre is here to support you. Please contact us for assistance as needed.