Making Referrals


The citation help that writing centres, learning commons, and libraries offer varies among institutions. Writing centres often help students understand when and why to cite sources whereas library staff often help students understand how to cite.

When deciding whether or not to refer a student to their writing centre, consider the following:

  • Does the institution have a writing centre or learning commons?
  • What is the student’s timeline? Will they have time to visit before their assignment is due?
  • If there is a writing centre or learning commons, what kind of help do they provide?

Use Policy Pages and Scripts to Make Referrals

If a student requires more in-depth help than you are able to provide, you may wish to refer them to their home institution. Library policy pages will help you find contact information to make an appropriate referral.

There are also several scripts that you can use to refer the student to their home library or writing centre.