Training: Chat Reference Tips

General Chat Reference Techniques

  • Chat immediately and often
  • Take your cue from the learner
  • Personalize your messages
  • Conduct a reference interview
  • Convey encouragement and interest
  • Don't chat into thin air
  • Give feedback via chat
  • Share your search process
  • Incorporate instruction
  • Maintain communication
  • Chat through technical difficulties
  • Check-in at the end of the chat to make sure they have all they need

Chat Tips

  • Define library jargon and acronyms
  • Some spelling mistakes are okay
  • Type in short sentences
  • Use scripted messages wisely
  • Use emojis appropriately
  • Use ellipses (...) sparingly if at all, as some students may interpret them as passive aggressive
    • Instead, type in short sentences

Sharing Links

  • Use permalinks when available
  • Confirm with the learner that the link has come through