Welcome to AskAway! As a new service provider, there are two types of training available to you, live training or self-guided training.

Live Training

If you're able to join us for a live training session, we recommend this option, as you'll meet other service providers and have a chance to ask questions.

Live training sessions are offered to new service providers in January, May, and September. Registration is required. Register for an upcoming session.

Self-Guided Training

If you’re not able to join us for a live training session, you can complete the self-guided training below. Let us know if you have any questions.

1. Activate your Accounts


  • You will use this software to communicate with students on AskAway.
  • The local coordinator at your library will create this account for you.


  • This is the tool we use to communicate with one another during shifts.
  • If you don't already have a Campfire account, the Admin Centre will create one for you, and you'll receive an email invitation to join. Activate your account as soon as possible, as the invitation expires.

AskAway staff website

  • With this account, you can access the Guest Logins, the Current Chat tool, send a Swamped message, and you'll be subscribed to the appropriate mailing lists.
  • Your local coordinator will set-up an account for you before your first shift.

2. Complete Training

Part 1: Overview of AskAway

Complete the self-guided Canvas module:

  • --> Click Welcome (the second one) to get started and then navigate through the module by clicking "Next" in the bottom right.
  • It should take approx. 1 hour to complete.

Part 2: Live Training Session

Watch a recording of a live session:

  • To view a recording of a Service Provider Training session, please contact the AskAway Admin Centre.

3. Review Training Materials

4. Practice Chatting

Practice using the software and applying policies and practices on your own or with a colleague:

5. Your First Shift

Arrive a few minutes early so you’re logged in and ready to go. See the Shift Checklist. All the links you’ll need for your shift (LibraryH3lp, Campfire, Guest Logins, etc.) are at the top of the AskAway Staff homepage.

Further Resources

The AskAway Staff Website is where you can find the support tools and resources you’ll need for your shift. Take a few minutes to explore the website, in particular the Service Providers pages available for you.


If you have any questions, contact your local coordinator or the AskAway Coordinator at the AskAway Administrative Centre.