Training: Practice Instructions

Service Providers

  1. Login to the LibraryH3lp webclient
  2. Select the askaway-practice queue ***ONLY***
    • This is important as selecting the other queues will bring chat boxes online and open up the service
  3. Try out the various features and tools you’ll use on your shift:
    • Claim a chat
    • Send a canned message
    • Notice the patron’s institution and referring URL
    • Access their library’s policy page
    • Use Guest Logins to access electronic resources
    • Send a URL
    • Send an emoji
    • Send a file or marked-up screenshot
    • Add tag(s) to your chat
    • Transfer a call
      • Before you transfer, check to make sure someone can take it and use the Transfer script
    • Try multiple patrons
      • If you’re practicing by yourself: as the patron, use different browsers or Private / Incognito windows to start multiple chats
    • Check out the Current Chats tool to see how many active chats there are and who’s handling them
    • Adjust your Preferences in LibraryH3lp until you find what works best for you
    • End a call
    • See LibraryH3lp FAQs for frequently asked questions about using the software to staff AskAway
  4. Review the Self Evaluation Checklist

 Please end all chats and Logout when you’re done!


  • Open the Practice chat box (or tab or button) and type in your question
    • NOTE: When you come in with a question, type the service provider’s name so they know the question is for them
    • Use the Practice questions
  • Try out the tools available to you as a patron:
    • Pop-out and resize the chat box
    • Turn your sound on / off
    • Email a transcript to yourself
    • Click the “Feedback” link to be directed to the survey
    • Receive and open a URL
    • Receive a file and / or screenshot
    • Leave session (close browser window) and come back
    • Clear your chat history