Training: Practice Questions

Circulation and Directional

  1. I’m trying to find out whether the library is open this long weekend and what the hours are. I can’t find the information on the website. (UVIC)
  2. Is my library pin not the same as my P/W for my student login? (UFV)
  3. Hi there’s people talking on the 3rd floor silent study. (LC)
  4. How do I request to loan a research paper that is not in the Selkirk database? (SC)
  5. If I borrow a 24-hour loan course reserve on Saturday afternoon, do I have to return by 5pm on the same day since the library is closed then and won’t reopen until Tues? (DC)
  6. I am an alumnus with a book to return today. The book is from the Koerner library. May I return the book at the UBC Biomedical Library at VGH? (UBC)

Ready Reference

  1. I am wondering if we have copies of the DSM 1 through 3 in the library? (CC)
  2. I am currently looking for access to an article titled “The benefits of children’s engagement with nature” by Gill, T. (2014). It doesn’t look like our library has it and I can’t seem to get access to it anywhere else. Is there a chance you might be able to help me! (CAP)
  3. I am trying to find a textbook “Basic Transesophageal and Critical Care Ultrasound” Andre Denault. (TRU)
  4. I’m trying to access the series “The Way We Live” through Kanopy, but it’s saying it’s unavailable. (OC)

eResources Access

  1. I recently graduated from BCIT, I was wondering if I can continue to have access to the library’s Online Databases. (BCIT)
  2. I forgot to save the DOI of my article now I cannot find it again. What can I do? (NIC)


  1. I am having troubles deciding what to do about a MLA citation... I have an article I retrieved from a library database but there is no vol. # and no. #. What do I do? (CNC)
  2. I have to write a one-page paper on a review article read in class. The instructions state to insert an in-text citation. I was wondering how I would cite just one article when the whole paper is based off of that one article? (COTR)
  3. I just have a question in terms of APA citation. I found a journal article online. I was wondering if I use the year when the journal was published or when it was archived. (CMTN)
  4. I am writing my first paper in Chicago style. If I use footnotes, do I need a bibliography or do I only need footnotes? (NLC)
  5. How do you do an in-text citation for when the author of the book has quoted another author? (JIBC)
  6. Just wondering how to cite a book that is only partially available on google books? (VCC)
  7. Do I need to cite the film cast? Or I can just write their names? (AC)
  8. How do I cite the BC Mental Health Act in APA? (UCW)

Research Questions

  1. I was looking for 10 sources for the Indian reality show Bigg Boss I am unable to find them can u help me. (COL)
  2. Can u plz give me the link of scholarly and peer reviewed articles for medical benefits for immigrants in Canada. (KPU)
  3. Subliminal messages in advertising, old and new, any books or websites that could be helpful? (SFU)
  4. I am looking for information on safe injection sites. Describing their needs and current methods to address the drug related deaths. (NVIT)
  5. I’m currently trying to find sources about loneliness in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. (TWU)
  6. I am in the early stages of doing research for a forestry class on deforestation in the Amazon. Would you be able to help? (UNBC)
  7. I’m looking for the trend of contemporary artists whose practice is about political activism. Is there somewhere I can start with? (ECUAD)

Writing Help

  1. Are you able to give feedback on my thesis? (YKU)