Training: Transcript Evaluation

Approachability and Interest               

  • Picked up the call and responded to the patron promptly
  • Opened with a welcome or encouraging greeting
  • Expressed interest in the question and the patron’s information need
  • Demonstrated an understanding of the question being asked (e.g. by restating it, referring to specific details)

Listening and Inquiring

  • Clarified the question if necessary
  • Conducted a reference interview by requesting any additional information required to successfully answer the question

Searching and Instruction

  • Asked questions to better understand where the patron was in their search process and what strategies they may have already tried
  • Informed the patron how and where they found any sources (e.g. shared links)
  • Explained the search strategy to the patron
  • Explained any library jargon (e.g. peer review, database, DOI)
  • Checked in with the patron to make sure they were following along
  • Worked with the patron to evaluate search results, to narrow or broaden the search, and to identify other sources when necessary
  • Handled a question from another institution well
  • Took the question as far as possible before referring the patron to their library

Follow-up and Closing

  • Responded to the question fully
  • Checked that the patron was satisfied with the answer
  • Offered more information or an appropriate referral if required
  • Closed with an appropriate statement, inviting the patron to return


  • Used scripts, text speak, emoticons appropriately
  • Maintained a friendly, approachable, helpful tone throughout

If any of the criteria above were not met, is there an obvious explanation?