Training: Self Evaluation Checklist

Welcome and Reference Interview                        


  • Opened with a friendly greeting
  • Asked open-ended questions to clarify the patron’s information need
  • Asked what resources they had already searched
  • Asked closed-ended questions to ensure that you understood the question

Search and Instruction                         


  • Guided them through the search process when appropriate
  • Asked if they were able to open any links that I sent
  • Offered an additional explanation of how the link would help answer their question
  • Checked that they found the website or resources helpful
  • Asked if they were able to login and access resources successfully
  • Took advantage of teachable moments and provided instruction
  • Explained any library terminology (e.g. peer reviewed)
  • Conveyed encouragement and interest when appropriate

Follow-up and Closing                          


  • Needed more time to answer the question
  • Refered the patron to further sources or an appropriate contact
  • Asked a close-ended question at the end of the session to ensure that the patron had all the information they needed
  • Answered the question correctly and answered the question completely
  • Learned if the patron was satisfied with the information and support I provided
  • Closed with an appropriate goodbye and follow-up statement
  • Felt that you gave a level of assistance comparable to the service the patron would have received at an in-person research desk
  • Felt satisfied with the way you handled the question overall

Further Reflection                             

  • Were you responding to more than one patron during this session?
    • If so, how do you feel this affected the quality of the session?
  • What do you feel you handled best about this transaction?
  • What do you feel you could have improved? Why?